Wingfoil gear

With 4 of the best surfbrands worldwide, we are sure to provide you with the best gear!
Will it be the Duotone + Fanatic set, the complete F-one set or is Cabrinha your weapon of choice? We got you covered!

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F-One package

Get out there on this awesome intermediate package!

F-One Rocket Wing V2 5’5

F-One Phantom 1480 FCT

F-One Strike wing

Duotone / Fanatic package

Efficiency and Glide performing guaranteed!

Fanatic Sky Wing

Fanatic Aero high Aspect 1500

Duotone Slick

Cabrinha package

Get on it and cruise along!

Cabrinha Mantis

Cabrinha Macro board

Cabrinha Fusion X Series wing

Cabrinha kite Canondale bike Duotone f one ion kites Ozone kites Kite Manera Bonaire
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