Wingfoil Rental

Is the wingfoil already your new passion, but you could not bring your own gear? We have the best solution! Rent our Wing gear! Easy as it is.

And you know what? You can even take it to the other side of the island to go Wingfoiling at Sorobon! Choose between the beautiful light blue waters at Atlantis beach with some small waves or the flat water at Lac Bai. Bonaire is ready for some wing foil action and so are we!

Rental Times

Our times to rent are between 9:30 a.m.– 5 p.m.


With the rental we offer floating or impact vests and helmets if required.


We do not offer any equipment insurance on the wingfoil equipment. Renters are liable for any loss or damage of the equipment.

If you would like to wingfoil at Sorobon a SUV or Pick-up is mandatory to transport the wingfoil gear.

Wingfoil Rental Rates

Full Wingfoil Set

1 hour $50,-
2 hours $90,-
3 hours $110,-
4 hours $120,-

Wingfoil sets are also possible to rent for a day and up to 10 days. When you rent for more than one day, keeping the equipment for the entire rental period is possible.

Wingfoil Board or Wing only

1 hour $20,-
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours

The wing gear we have for you


Cabrinha Macro 78L/98L

F-One Rocket wing 110L/60L

Fanatic Sky Wing 140L

Foil Front Wing + Mast

F-One Phantom 1680 with 85 CM Mast

F-One Gravity 1800 with 75 CM Mast

Fanatic Aero 1500 with 75 CM Mast

Fanatic Aero Free 1250 with 75 CM Mast

Cabrinha X Series 1600 with 75 CM Mast


Duotone Unit 4.5/5.5

Duotone Slick 4/5

F-One Swing V2 4/5

Cabrinha Mantis V2 4/5/6.2

Don’t hesitate to contact us to make a reservation for your wing foil gear! Any questions? We are happy to answer them!


Whatsapp: +599 7017873

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