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At FX Bonaire Kiteschool, we offer top-quality Bonaire kitesurfing lessons designed for all skill levels. Our 2-hour and 3-hour lessons are customized to your current ability, helping you progress safely and confidently.

We start by assessing your skill level and then guide you through the next steps in your Bonaire kitesurfing journey. Our experienced instructors ensure you make the most of your lesson, focusing on both improvement and safety. We teach you essential safety protocols so you can enjoy kiteboarding on your own with confidence.

Bonaire is a kiteboarding paradise with steady winds and warm waters. Our prime location makes it the perfect spot for learning and enjoying kitesurfing. At FX Bonaire Kiteschool, our goal is to provide an unforgettable and safe learning experience.

Choose FX Bonaire Kiteschool for expert instruction, personalized lessons, and a fun, safe environment. Book your lesson today and experience the thrill of kiteboarding in Bonaire!

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Private Lessons

We offer private kiteboarding lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. Our 1 student to 1 instructor ratio has proven extremely successful and allows instructors to focus on the student’s individual needs and learning curve.

2 Hours
Single lesson (2 hours) = $205,-
3-lesson package (3×2 hours) = $570,-

3 Hours
Beginners lesson (3 hours) = $265,-
3-lesson beginner package (3×1, 2×2 hours) = $645,-

Semi-private Lessons

In a semi-private lesson you will experience less time on the water; but that does not mean that you learn less! You will additionally learn from watching and discussing each others improvements.

3 Hours
Single lesson: $ 350,-
3-lesson package: $ 960,-

*prices are based on two persons

Launch & Pick-up Service

Launch & Pick up is used for people who are almost independent on their Bonaire Kitesurfing Adventure or who are new to the spot. An instructor will keep an eye on you from the beach and will guide you in- and out of the water. Rescues are included in this “service”.

Launch & Pick up 2 hrs: $120,-

Done Kitesurfing?

Enhance your Bonaire adventure by renting one of our top-quality mountain bikes. When you’re not kitesurfing, explore the island’s stunning landscapes and hidden gems on two wheels. Our mountain bikes are perfect for navigating Bonaire’s diverse terrain, from rugged trails to scenic coastal paths. Ideal for both seasoned cyclists and those looking for a leisurely ride, our bikes offer comfort, reliability, and the freedom to explore at your own pace. Rent a mountain bike with us and see why Bonaire is a paradise for cyclists as well as kitesurfers.

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