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Enjoy your Kitesurf holiday with FX Bonaire Kiteschool!

Bonaire is one of the best places to visit for a relaxed kitesurfing holiday! To make sure your enjoy your kitesurf trip, we offer the service you need. Since you are an independent kitesurfer, you don’t need any regular kitesurf lessons- but we have some nice additional services to make it a trip to remember!

Once you are on Bonaire, you want to focus on the fun part: Kitesurfing!

Kitesurfing comfort packages

Once you are at Atlantis kitebeach, we will make you feel like one of us! You can chil at the bus, and we will keep an eye on you once on the water! Check our packages to see what else we can do for you, as an independent kitesurfer.


Do you find it difficult to get good shots of yourself kiting? Have you tried asking a friend or loved one to take shots from the beach only to end up with blurry shots of a shape in the water or half a wing tip in the sky?

It can be tricky to take good shots of tricks when kiting, to know when someone is about to preform their move and get close enough to really see it!

That is why we collaborated with True media & culture !

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Downwinder to Klein Bonaire

A downwinder to Klein Bonaire is just it!

Are you happy with just a smooth and safe downwinder, or would you like to end with a cold Amstel Bright or even the best BBQ? We will make sure to organize this for you!
More info online soon!

Bonaire Kiteschool

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