Navigating your first Wingfoil purchase

Wingfoiling has taken over the world of water sports, captivating enthusiasts worldwide with its dynamic energy. Whether you delve into online platforms or immerse yourself in the offline watersports community, the buzz is all about wings – a trend that has not escaped the attention of our devoted FX Sports team. Amidst the surge of curiosity, a common inquiry echoes: “Which board aligns with my needs? What foil holds the key to my progression? And what wing dimensions promise an optimal wingfoil experience?” This article will help you to find the perfect wing foil set for beginners!

Board size matters!

For those venturing into the world of wing foiling as a beginner, prioritizing stability and ease of use is paramount. To this end, we highly recommend opting for a wing foil board with ample width and volume. This will make it easier for you to actually stand on your board while you’re floating around.

A good rule of thumb to remember when choosing your wing foil board is your weight in kilos + 20 – 30 liters. So for example if your own weight is 70 KG then your ideal board should have a volume of at least 90/100 liters.

By perfecting and refining your technique, you will be able to choose a smaller and more manageable board over time.

Shorter mast and Large Front Wing

The mast, a crucial component, serves as the linkage between your wing foil board and the foil assembly. For beginner wing foilers, opting for a shorter mast holds distinct advantages. A shorter mast will make it easier for beginners to get started, providing a forgiving experience by keeping the board closer to the water’s surface. This reduced elevation minimizes the impact of falls, offering a gentler landing and you will feel more stable up on the board.

The next element to consider of your wing foil set is the front wing. Our expert suggestion for beginners embarking on their wing foiling journey is to initiate with a larger front wing. This strategic choice of a more substantial front wing size deliberately offers a slower pace which will provide you with greater control of the foil. Furthermore, the larger front wing design empowers you with the remarkable ability to effortlessly harness speed, particularly in those gentle, breezy conditions where generating momentum might otherwise prove challenging.

Choosing for a shorter mast and a larger front wing ensures an optimal, progressive, and enjoyable wing foiling experience from the very start

Size of your wing

When it comes to wing foiling, the wing’s size, measured in square meters (m²), plays a pivotal role, catering to diverse wind conditions. This spectrum spans from 2 m², ideal for strong wind conditions, up to 7 m², tailored for light wind conditions. For those seeking an optimal starting point, a 4 to 5 m² wing emerges as a well-balanced choice since it will be suitable for the widest range of wind conditions.

If you’re able to spend a little bit more money, we recommend considering to purchase two complementary wings. This strategic investment empowers you to maximize your time on the water, catering to a diverse range of wind strengths. To illustrate, a combination such as a 4 m² and a 6 m² wing not only expands your opportunities to enjoy your time on the water but also facilitates the refinement of your techniques, propelling your wing foiling skills to new heights.

Before you embark on your wing foiling journey, be sure to explore the array of wing foil sets we offer within our webshop. Discover the perfect gear to enhance your experience and unlock the full potential of this exhilarating sport!

Should you have any queries, our dedicated FX Sports team is always available to provide expert assistance. Feel free to reach out for any clarifications or guidance.


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