Kitesurfing Photoshoot

Bonaire has the perfect kitesurf conditions; let's make the perfect shot to remember this!


Do you find it difficult to get good shots of yourself kiting? Have you tried asking a friend or loved one to take shots from the beach only to end up with blurry shots of a shape in the water or half a wing tip in the sky? It can be tricky to take good shots of tricks when kiting, to know when someone is about to preform their move and get close enough to really see it!

That is where True media & culture can help!

We work together with True media & culture to offer you the perfect souvenir to take back home!

As professionals, he knows the signs that someone is about make a move or trick, can capture the moment and know what he need to focus on to get a great personal shot and make the most of the beautiful surroundings of Bonaire.
You can safely come within meters of the photographer allowing him to get great clear shots. He can direct you as to where you need to make your tricks according to the light and the position of the photographer and will later edit them for you so you have a nice photo gallery of your session!

What do you get?

  • 30 photos guaranteed
  • High quality photos
  • In water shots
  • Half over, half under water dome shots
  • Same week delivery

Riding level:
Upwind riding skills required
To make the perfect shot we always recommend wearing the following colors of clothing: red, yellow, orange, pink or purple.
Personal private shoot is recommended for one hour. If you are planning on a trip or downwinder then a two hour shoot is recommended.

You traveled all the way to Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands, why not make the most out of it and bring back some great shots of you kiting in paradise?

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