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Bonaire Kite School


Learn kiteboarding at the world’s best spot. All year steady tradewinds and pristine warm waters make this one of the best places on earth to kitesurf.


In our lessons, everybody is equipped with helmets, flotation vests and safety systems on our kites. We use boats for teaching to ensure we can assist within moments.

High Quality

Flat water, personal attention and our IKO (step-by-step) teaching model offers you safety and an excellent start of your kitesurf career.

Multi Language

Visiting Bonaire and you do not speak Dutch? Do not worry we at Bonaire Kite School also offer kitesurf lessons in English and German. Auf wiedersehen!

Fast Learning

Everybody can learn kiteboarding; we offer professional instruction and high quality equipment to adapt to your needs.

Premium Gear

Our school teaches with the latest equipment. We have a wide range of kite and board sizes to make sure that you start your lesson with the best material in the business.

What's The Weather

at Atlantis Kite Beach

What kite do you need? And will it be a twintip or a foil? Check it out to be well prepared these days!

No optimal weather conditions for kite surfing today?

Bonaire Kiteschool

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